A collection of the Zeph family, in various colors and seat options

Zeph Chair—A classic silhouette with modern ergonomics

The Zeph Chair finds a happy home between midcentury modern aesthetics and the research-backed ergonomics of today’s work chairs. Its advanced yet simple design offers more for less, making it the perfect introduction to Herman Miller performance seating.

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Miller Knoll

Wrk Lab is officially a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer!

We proudly represent 17 dynamic and unique Herman Miller and Knoll brands under the MillerKnoll family.

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Explore Herman Miller's Future of Work Settings

Built on Herman Miller's Living Office framework, these settings were developed to support hybrid working and host the types of experiences that are difficult to recreate working from home.

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OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is a collection of optimized, essential pieces for a new era in the workplace. It's designed to help people experiment with space, discover what works in the moment, and change rapidly for the future.

OE1 Workspace
Living Office

A New Kind of Office

A place where people work because they want to.

Canvas Vista

Highly Adaptive in Performance

A powerful tool to manage changes in the workplace.

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Three Up Ed 2

New Ways of Teaching

Educational tools and technologies that support comfortable interaction

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